Ziggy, the guru of a thousand readers!

After 14 years of common life with his cat, Stéphane Garnier puts pen to paper to reveal the secrets of the feline. Calm, proud, and unaware of what judgment means… Ziggy becomes the guru of a thousand readers!

In How to live like your cat, the author provides us with a fun and full of truths textbook in personal development. He offers readers a reading grid: that are rules, habits and references  that have been adopted by cats for centuries. A whole ceremony which will allow you to be more comfortable in your cushions!

Creator of their own zone of freedom and well- being, cats have a certain independence, envied by humans. Fascination and admiration for these beings, so majestic, which have accompanied man for centuries, like an elder, who is discreet but who knows how to make himself heard when needs be.

So, for the want of having a better life, why not transform yourself into a cat and  become the creator of your own life?

Read this book, and allow yourself to discover the intelligence of this animal. With the questionnaire at the end, you can evaluate your “cat quotient”. Follow the rules of the Manitou paw by paw… As a kitten, on the road to a harmonious life, I recommend this book, which will bring you only of the happiness!

Published by Audrey Lucido, December 06th, 2017, with the help of Helen Ben Othman.

The village in my novel, is it a safe haven?

Following on from my articles on Lorraine Fouchet and Marc Lévy, who’s novels ask essential if not existential questions, I felt the need to tell you about how I created the village in my novel. Is it really a safe haven for my characters? Nothing could be less sure. To read more, click the link below Continuer la lecture de The village in my novel, is it a safe haven?

Writing is great, but I need help!

After two months of reflexion, my writing style was defined. My characters were with me and ready to evolve through blank pages. However, one question was bugging me! How am I going to make them speak? Read more, clik the link! Continuer la lecture de Writing is great, but I need help!

The Premises of a Novel

The story of my novel started about a year and a half ago. I was pregnant up to my eyes, bound to my couch, with many characters running through my head. They decided to set up home in my head until I put them down on paper. However, I didn’t know what to do. What did they want from me? Why were they showing up now? What can they bring? To this day, I still don’t have an answer to these questions, but one thing is sure, they’ve enabled me to reveal myself and feel fulfilled. To read the next, clik the link Continuer la lecture de The Premises of a Novel

The girl before, by JP Delaney

The Girl Before takes the reader to the darkest corner of the mind. Prepare yourself to be quivering with fear. You’ll have goose bumps, and anxiety for sure. One Folgate street is the new Big Brother. To read more, click the bottom link  😉
Continuer la lecture de The girl before, by JP Delaney

Stop tuning!

Summer time is approaching. We enjoy splendid moments in the gardens, the parks… we go for little wanders. We go away for the weekend with our loved ones…and it’s at that moment the problems begin. To read more, click the bottom link  😉
Continuer la lecture de Stop tuning!

The day of dog by Patrick Bauwen, a magnificant ice-cold slap !

This novel is a real page turner! Once the reader has hold of it, he is gripped and entrapped by its captivatingly cunning story.

Patrick Bauwen plays with the dark and obscure depths of the human soul, taking with him the reader, who sees only fire! A manipulation that allows the author to ask a question, that can be likened to philosophy: how do human beings play with the duality of their personalities?

Patrick Bauwen kindly allows the reader to sit on the tip of the ice berg and lets them drift smoothly on the silent frozen sea of his sulphurous story; whilst the hidden clues and false trails work furtively in the submerged part of this immense block of ice. Love, suffering, doubts, fears leading to chills…

Such a shaman, the author captivates the reader with his fiendishly unpredictable writing, manipulating them right until the very last line of the novel. Gasping, breathtaking…in this novel, Patrick Bauwen doesn’t show his true power, he exercises it with sublime delicacy and a wonderful subtlety.

Published by Audrey Lucido, June 16th, 2017. Translate by Helen Ben Othman.