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The girl before, by JP Delaney

The Girl Before takes the reader to the darkest corner of the mind. Prepare yourself to be quivering with fear. You’ll have goose bumps, and anxiety for sure. One Folgate street is the new Big Brother. To read more, click the bottom link  😉

Write a list of all items that you can’t live without”. This single phrase sucks the reader into the immense black hole within the book. Once you have set your eyes on the first lines, you won’t be able to put it down.

For the two main characters, Emma and Jane, this magnificent house on One Folgate Street is the house of resurrection. It is their fresh start and it will make them ask themselves: who are they? What do they need? Rigged with electronic equipment, the house is observing them, studying them and pushing them to overcome the dramas in their lives. However, you can’t negotiate with the house; the lodgers either succeed or they fail. There is no escaping it. This house is a living being.

It’s creator, Edward Monkford, an attractive and mysterious architect, has created a rather intrusive questionnaire. The house and Edward have a common objective: to convert the lodgers to their idealistic way of life. In the end, the house ends up owning its occupants, and the architect is only the guardian.

Plot twists, manipulation, and complex and strange characters pulse through the lines of this book. The story intertwines and leads to an unexpected ending. This book will destabilise you and have you on the edge of their seat.

Published by Audrey Lucido, the July 04th, 2017. Translate by Helen Ben Othman.

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