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The village in my novel, is it a safe haven?

Following on from my articles on Lorraine Fouchet and Marc Lévy, who’s novels ask essential if not existential questions, I felt the need to tell you about how I created the village in my novel. Is it really a safe haven for my characters? Nothing could be less sure. To read more, click the link below

They wander about in a place that protects them, and at the same time encourages them to reveal who they are. This peculiar village came to me progressively throughout the telling of my story. It’s a constituent element for my characters.

Isolated in the Cévennes forest, the ancient village lies abandoned. Why abandoned you ask? If it’s been abandoned, there must be a reason, but what? First a crucial point – empty of most of its ancient inhabitants, only one is left. (Ha, I feel like I have got your attention). Many questions are going around in your head and that’s what I want. I am going to try to captivate your attention. 😊

An abandoned village with one person isn’t enough. I therefore created a wacky family and some friends for this character. They cleared it up and brought it back to life, making it a more habitable place to live. To say that this village is atypical is an understatement. The villagers built it to accommodate their needs, their expectations and especially their personalities. These characters, with their tenacious and comical personalities, could never have created such an insipid village. Yes, historically it is beautiful, but it is also magnificently quirky. As soon as you get in to it, your smile won’t leave your face. The foundations of this village are built from extravagance and they don’t leave the characters in my novel. 😊

Whilst rebuilding this village, the « œleft-over » inhabitants create themselves a new life, wiping the village of it’s past. I don’t speak of this reconstruction in my book, but the reader discovers the story along with the heroine in my novel.

Placing the village un such an isolated area of today’s society allows the villagers to protect themselves from the outside world, that they consider to be harmful. They simply want to be able to breath. No WIFI, no telephone connections, no mobile phones, no internet… all in all, any means of modern communication is not what’s needed to hold this village together. 😉

So, why keep these characters in such a bubble? You can be reassured that I am not doing a remake of The Dome, my intention is far from it. I give my characters the possibility to get to know each other better, and to get to know themselves better. The idea is that they can work on themselves and be present in the here and now! They are relieved from their past actions. They take advantage of the present, without worrying about the future, because it is them who create their life in the village, of which has really become their safe haven!

Few people have access to it. Only the occasional pilgrims, church-goers and old car fanatics make an appearance here and there, but nothing can get in the way of the life that the occupants have created; that is until the day my heroine turns up, as welcome as a hoard of ants at a picnic. Suddenly  this place of calm and structure shatters into a thousand pieces, unveiling deep secrets and releasing a cocktail of arguments and misunderstandings. I let you imagine what kind of village I managed to create with the help of my characters. I hope that my book will be published so that you can really discover them and their stories.

Published by Audrey Lucido, October 20th, 2017. Translate by Helen Ben Othman. 

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