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Writing is great, but I need help!

After two months of reflexion, my writing style was defined. My characters were with me and ready to evolve through blank pages. However, one question was bugging me! How am I going to make them speak? Read more, clik the link!

I started to write a little bit of everything and nothing. I typed up everything that came to my head, trying to make my story make sense. Being a self-taught writer, this was not something that came easy to me; (admittedly, I had written a three-hundred-page memoire on Catalonia of which I am quite proud.) but, deep down I was struggling and I didn’t know what to do.

So, I did what my parents taught me (Ha, yes, I can already feel their pride “ I imagine them with a big smirk on their faces when they read the next few sentences 😊) « If you don’t know how to do something, ask someone who does! You’ll get further in life and it’s better than going around and round like a dog who is trying to decide if he is going to lie down in his chosen spot or not ».  So, that’s what I did. Who could help me and bring along their expertise at this precise moment? Well, I’ll let you guess… writers themselves! 😊 Frankly, one shouldn’t worry over small details like that! My mum always said « If you want something in life, ask God himself and most importantly, be friends with his Saints. It’s the key to YOUR success! » Seen from this perspective my mum could be a Guru, but she is a little right. 😉

Therefore, I set off in search of these famous benevolent writers who would be willing and ready to divulge their science and help me along my adventure. I slowly but surely started to make a few « professional friends » through social media. However, as I was only just at the beginning of my novel, they didn’t really know how to help me. A few of them asked me to get in touch with them again in a years time, when my novel was complete. In my opinion, this was an excellent piece of advice because today I am able to provide them with a completed piece of work, of which wasn’t the case when I first started out.

I’ll take you back to the mails I sent. After a couple, BOOM! happiness! My fairy godmother showed up with one swipe of her magic wand. The universe was on my side.  I was going to make it, I was going to make it! 😊

Journalist and writer, she replies and says “contact my friend, Mr. Seneca (of course you understand that it’s not his real name. She is taking about the philosopher friend that I mentioned in my first article 😊. I think this name will make him smile! Let’s just wait and see what he thinks of it😊). He will provide you with one of a kind advice and will help you in this magnificent novel adventure!” then, just underneath she pointed out that his address mail was in copy of her mail. At that exact moment, I felt extremely happy. Someone wanted to believe in my dream! My project wasn’t so ridiculous after all! YES! YES!

With my heart racing, I hurried off to write an email to this famous friend that I don’t know, because even if I continue to widen my knowledge within many domains, philosophy was not a science that I would have dived into myself. If you look for its definition (admittedly a little complex, but I like it), you will come across « The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour ».

At a first glance, it’s too complex. Mysterious and incomprehensible, navigating through the fog of “big words”. Of course, it’s a false image made by the Neanderthals that we are -  we are made of this critical reflection on human nature. Don’t get me wrong, I only know this phrase to define philosophy and it ends there! 😉

Let4s go back to Mr. Seneca. He gets back to me the same day (incredible!) and as if it were nothing, gives me his number. I4m ecstatic. A philosopher and writer of his kind, gave me, a young writer his number so that we could discuss my project! Unbelievable! Imagine everything that is going through my head at this moment. I am jumping on the spot (but not too much as I am still pregnant up to my eyes😊)… Anyway, it4s an incredible feeling!

So, I call him up and we spend hours and hours in deep enriching conversion. For my part, it was hours of gathering and storing of information and knowledge. Throughout our exchanges he taught me so much… I felt like I was becoming his disciple😉.

I learned about culture, history, a new way of thinking, and I especially learned to listen! To the huge disbelief of my partner, who tried for seventeen years to make me stop speaking long enough to listen, still asks how this Mr. Seneca managed to make me sit quiet long enough. Needless to say, he is excited to meet this « magician » 😊. All jokes aside, I learned everything that only one can learn from such a man.

He directed and guided me. He showed me how to put my ideas (of which were still bouncing around inside my head) into order. I need to tell you that when you’re writing a novel, you live with it, you sleep with it, you eat with it, it’s attached to you like the hump on the back of Quasimodo! It’s part of your life and it’s all you can think about.

Mr. Seneca insisted on the point that was, in his opinion, the most essential: the tone of a text. I told you about this in my first article so, I won’t go into detail too much but, the tone is the key to success.

A whole palette of shades – comedy, drama, poignant, tragedy, the operative works of the primary colours. However, you can also play with secondary colours and more – irony, sarcasm, fear, sadness… that’s when it all gets complicated. You have to put on the artist’s apron and play with the principle colours along with the secondary colours, without forgetting the main theme of your story and characters – this is where it can get complicated.

My characters start dancing across the pages. Of course, there are several missteps and skidding along the way, but that’s the risk. My novel is starting to take form, even though the first signs of hesitation are still visible through my comical style of writing. Fortunately for me, my guide, my ally and friend is always there for me. He helps me in my moments of doubts, reflexion and hesitation and most importantly, he believes in me 😊.

I’d like to conclude this article and thank this man and all my friends (personal and professional), as well as my family who believe in me and my project and who offer their help (proofreading, comments, advice, recommendations). THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!! 😊

Published by Audrey Lucido, le 29 septembre 2017. Translate by Helen Ben Othman. 



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